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We would like to share some pictures and information about our Abronia species. We have bred them in captivity as herpetocultural hobbyists for a number of years. This is just the start and we hope to publish more interesting data and events over time. Enjoy the pictures!

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Abronia deppii "Morelos"  

This morph shows a high contrast pattern in black and white and also black rings around the eyes compared to the more common greyish form. Throat and underside are yellow-orange.  

offspring 2014



Abronia graminea "black-eye"

Different forms and colour variations are known from the so called "black-eyed" morph of A. graminea. There are also morphological differences between the blue and black-eyed forms. It is speculated that the black-eyed individuals could actually be their own species. The name "black-eye" is confusing, because individuals of these forms may also have blue eyes.

offspring 2014



Abronia lythrochila "high-color"

the "high-color" morph of A. lythrochila shows all kinds of patterns in different graduations in the colours calico, black, white, yellow, gold, oliv, red and grey. You could call this lizard the "Koi" of reptiles.

One couple was observed mating in October 2013 and in June 2014, the same female gave birth to 16 babies. At about 5 months the juvenils started to show their first colour with great variation, none of them looked the same. The pattern of calico variants could be seen at almost one year.


offspring 2014 babys /juvenils


offspring 2014 subadult