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We would like to share some pictures and information about our Abronia species. We have bred them in captivity as herpetocultural hobbyists for a number of years. This is just the start and we hope to publish more interesting data and events over time. Enjoy the pictures!

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Abronia deppii "Morelos"  

This morph shows a high contrast pattern in black and white and also black rings around the eyes compared to the more common greyish form. Throat and underside are yellow-orange.  


Abronia graminea "black-eye"

Different forms and colour variations are known from the so called "black-eyed" morph of A. graminea. There are also morphological differences between the blue and black-eyed forms. It is speculated that the black-eyed individuals could actually be their own species. The name "black-eye" is confusing, because individuals of these forms may also have blue eyes.